Family farm (OPG) Babojelić is located in the village of Vrbovec Samoborski, near Samobor. An orchard with over 6,000 Haskap – Siberian blueberry seedlings has been planted in a beautiful natural environment. Soon after that, in the desire to get more products from our fruit, we built a craft eco-certified production plant for fruit processing and the production of 100% Haskap mother juice, dried Haskap, Haskap jam and all other delicacies began.

100% natural mother juices from the fruits of our region

Production began with the harvesting and sale of fresh Haskap berries, since the family farm (OPG) Babojelić has its own orchard with over 6,000 blueberry bushes. The basic idea was to use our own quality raw materials for mother juice. After the excellent reactions to the Haskap mother juice, we soon added products from raw materials of friendly ecological family farms (OPGs) to the offer and made new juices from Haskap, Apple, Tayberry, Pear, Blueberry and Blackberry.